Theresa Tapp at T-Tap suggested your Super Pav for fungus and so I decided to try it for a long term problem I’ve been struggling with. Wow!! It really is a miracle salve.

I’ve had a very stubborn ringworm type fungus that started on a finger about 10 years ago. It spread slowly to include the palm of my hand and the itching was driving me crazy. I’ve seen dozens of skin specialists and tried everything on the planet to get rid of it, both prescriptions and homeopathic. Nothing has worked.

After only 2 weeks of rubbing Super Pav into the skin 2-3 times a day, its 90% gone. Amazing!! Unbelievable. I wish I’d found it sooner.
Thank you for making this product available.

-Shirley Williams
Windsor, Ontario

About nine years ago, a friend of mine was involved in a bad accident while operating a riding lawn mower. The mower overturned and caused severe damage to one foot which resulted in her having two toes amputated. For a period of about five years, she was only able to wear a medical boot because her foot never healed properly. I informed her of your product and gave her some Super Pav to use. Since using your product she has been able to wear regular shoes for more then two years. We are convinced your Super Pave product really works.

Georgia, USA

I was asked to write about my experience with pitch. My family found out about pitch in the early 1940’s – and finding out about it has been a wonderful experience over the years – – plus money saved from going to the Doctors with every cut, scratch etc. But will tell of a couple injuries that happened. While working in the sawmill/plywood plant, was feeding a dryer and the young kid feeding with me jerked a sheet of plywood back. It had a sliver hanging out and went into my forearm. It was roughly 9-10 inches long and about 1/4 inch at the base slimming down to a sharp point. I started to pull it out and the kid said “you’re not going to pull that out are you”? I looked at him and said “well, I’m not going to leave it in there”. I thought he was going to pass out on me. About that time the boss came up and told me he thought I should go get it looked at. I told him that I would tend to it when I got home.

When I got home, I cleaned it up blood, dirt and sawdust. Got out my jar of pitch that I had scraped off of a pine tree and put it on thick on my forearm – wrapped and went to bed. By then it had quite hurting. Went to work the next day and the boss wanted to see my arm. Told him he could see it in couple days.

The third day – I went to work – minus bandages and he wanted to see my arm. I showed it to him and his mouth dropped open. You could not tell where it had even gone in and up my arm. AND I don’t have a scar.

Another time, my Landladies husband was splitting some wood and cut thru his shoe splitting his big toe open about an inch. She came running over to my place crying cause he refused to go to the Doctor cause he had been drinking, and she didn’t know-what to do. We cleaned his toe up and he was hollering and cussing til I was bout to clobber him myself when he passed out. By now his toe had swelled up bigger than a golf ball. I put a big gob of pitch all over his toe. He came to and wanted to know what I was doing and Vivie and I told him. He said well it wasn’t hurting. When we got thru, with the pitch and bandages, his toe was about twice the size a golf ball.

The next morning, he was pounding on my door at 5:30 AM and pointed at his toe and wanted to know where all that pitch went. We took the bandages off and he toe was flesh colored and normal size. We kept pitch on it for two more days with bandages to keep it together and on the fourth day was completely healed.

Medford, Oregon

I store work clothing in an enclosed work area, but, last month, after changing to work clothing without shaking the clothing to rid it of any pests, I felt a warm feeling in my armpit.

Inspection revealed the legs of a spider, and a red area approximately an inch in diameter. I assume the spider had been mashed and rolled under my arm. I don’t believe I was bitten. I had seen both brown recluse and female black widow spiders in the area. Each day, the red area became a bit larger. I drove to a funeral several hundred miles from home, and packed a small vial of PAV Ointment with which I had been provided with the renewal to a health letter subscription.

After five days, the reddened area had become five inches in diameter, the center was infected, and it was quite uncomfortable. I began twice a day application of the PAV ointment. Each fresh application of the ointment caused a burning sensation in the infected area, but, as the infection was controlled, the burning sensation became less. After a week of treatment, the discoloration was nearly gone, and after two weeks of application there is no visible after affect.

-Roy Kirk


I would like to tell you , your PAV has to be the best kept secret on this side of the United States. I have had serious contact dermatitis for the last 20 years. I am a massage therapist that in the last four months has bought boxes of bandages to cover my skinless fingers from contacting my clients.

I have tubes of cloletasol, lotrimazole and lotrisone in my medicine cabinet. Plus a room full of creams and lotions that do nothing. After 1 day I noticed the redness had disappeared..After 3 days two fingers are completely healed. I would be more than happy to tell anyone how great PAV is. It is so hard to do my job with fingers that looked like the skin was burned off! I can’t tell you how happy I am that i found your page on the internet.

I plan on taking Pav to my family doctor to let him know how well it works. He always treats you then says a natural remedy you should be doing.

Thanks so much and you will be getting orders from me,

-Linda Foster
Laughlintown, Pa. 15655

First I wanted to thank you shipping my order of SUPER PAV quickly. I had read others testimonials about this product and had hopes that it could also help me with my needs as well. My most recent foot surgery in March 2013 has left me with a foot that has daily swelling and numbness due to the amount of work done to it. I have been using ice and keeping it elevated with little positive results. Using the Internet to search for other things I could do to help speed the healing along I came across your website and read all of the testimonials from others who have used SUPER PAV for various reasons with very positive results, so I ordered a 2 OZ jar to begin using it on my foot with hopes I would also see similar results. To my amazement after applying SUPER PAV to my right foot I noticed some relief after about 2 hours. The swelling which has been disturbing and bothersome had seemingly begun to disappear much to my surprise. It was later in the evening when I applied it so headed to bed to try and get a full nights sleep. When I woke up this morning and looked at might foot, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the swelling had disappeared. My wife was getting ready for work so I showed her the results and she was also surprised and amazed at how quickly and effectively the product worked. This is not a fluke. The swelling is still gone and I have been up for several hours which by now I would normally have my foot elevated and using ice to try and lower the swelling and discomfort. This product really does work! Also, another surgery I had last summer (2012) to repair my left hip and sciatic nerve which was severely damaged from falls I have sustained over the years working in construction has left me with constant pain in my left buttock where the incision was made to do the sciatic nerve repair work. We use a small ultra sound machine we bought years ago to help manage soft tissue damage/pain and while it does help some …the pain always seems to return only to repeat the treatments again. After putting the SUPER PAVon my right foot I thought I would also apply some to the left buttock where the surgical incision site is to see if it would help at all. My wife helped me put some saran wrap over the skin after applying the sav to help protect my clothing and allow the product to stay put and do it’s work over night.

Again, when I woke up this morning I quickly noticed a decreased amount of pain/burning that has been a constant since the surgery. Not wanting to sound over enthusiastic about a product I had just bought I have waited for several hours before deciding to write this testimonial to let others know this product really goes work! I have tried many products over the years that have not worked and had almost decided that I would just have to live with my painful condition for the rest of my life. Not now!!!

Thank you for making this product available and thanks to the others who took the time to write their own testimonials about how good this product really is! I hope this might also help others who may be on the fence about trying this awesome product to go ahead and buy it see for themselves it really does work as advertised!

-Cary A.

My husband and I both suffer from dry, cracked heels which occasionally become so deep and painful that it’s difficult to walk. After trying numerous creams, salves, lotions and antibiotic ointments for months, all to no avail, we were given a sample of the PAV salve. After only two applications (keeping the area covered with a bandage), the results were phenomenal. Not only were the cracks visibly healed, but the pain and discomfort was gone.

Tree resin? – IT WORKS! PAV will be my only choice.

-Eileen Phillips
Bend, Oregon

I have been using super pav for approximately six or seven years ..My experience with this product was from a brown recluse spider bite ..After three week from healing you cannot even see the hole in my leg which is now a mark on the skin made me a believer.

Since then I have been on dialysis where they stick needles in my arm to clean my blood ..The technician cannot believe that after a day of using super pav that I heal so quickly …I do dialysis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with super pav and massage it daily after each treatment and ready for my next treatment with no problem of an open wound. I use it for a number of other things as well with irritating skin disorders …I really appreciate your product and have given it to a number of my friends and associates for relief of their skin disorders. Thank you for a great product.

Houston Texas

“I want you to know how well Super PAV “The Miracle Slave” works to clear my sinus congestion. I keep a small pot of the salve right by my computer and when I feel the pressure building up in my sinuses I simply breathe some in. It works WONDERS and best of all has NO SIDE EFFECTS!

For Several Years I have used PAV skin care ointment for several issues. Having to see the doctor for one, I took my PAV ointment to my appointment, asked if I could use PAV instead of a prescription. The answer was yes, on my next visit the doctor told me PAV had been ordered to use in the doctor’s office. Thank you for a great product!

-K. Baker

To Whom It May Concern,

For quite some time, I had a problem with an area of red very itchy skin on my stomach, I was presribed a prescription cream which helped as long as I kept using it.

Once I stopped using it, the redness and itchiness immediately came back I started using Cool PAV and within minutes the itchiness stopped. Within days the itching and redness was completely gone and never came back. Thank you for an awesome product! It’s also great for nail fungus.



Pittsfield, MA

To Whom It May Concern,

About 2 months ago I developed the worst boil I have ever seen on the front of my shins, about 3 inches above the ankle I tried everything, all kinds of ointments, salve, and antibiotics. “No Luck” sometimes it would feel a little better for a few days but the pains and swelling wold always return. One morning I was changing the dressing and some terribly infected pieces of flesh were stuck to the gauze. When I pulled it out the odor almost gagged me! I began to shake as I thought to myself, I am getting gangrene. I’ll lose my foot. Then I remembered that I had one of your catalogs. It had been here for 6 years. I remembered all the good results people have had from using tree resin. I called your place and ordered an ounce of SUPER PAV. As soon as it arrived I started using it every day. It has been 2 weeks and there is still a deep hole in my leg, but it is a good healthy color and all that horrible infected flesh is gone. I truly believe that PAV has saved my foot and part of my ankle. I will always have it in my house from now on.

Thank you so much,


Fall River, MA

Want to see even more testimonials from people who have witnessed the healing power of our our Tree Resin products?

*Some pictures may be disturbing to viewers*

watch our video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWEITUFUbjc

These photo’s were send to us by a customer in  Washinton.

Before and after using Super Coco Resin.


A treble hook in the hand,
Two days after treble hook in the hand using Pruitt’s Tree Resin Super PAV “The Miracle Salve”

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dearest David and Matthew of Pruitt’s Tree Resin, 

On September 13th 2019 I was in the middle of a home remodeling project. While cutting wood on my table saw to get the proper Dimensions on my wood. The lumber kicked back, flipping my push block into the air. Because it happened so fast, my middle finger of my left hand ended up going into the saw blade. The tip of my finger was cut off and nerves ripped.

I immediately grabbed my wound, applied extreme pressure directly to my wound, trying to control and stop the bleeding. I got my gauze from my emergency medical kit and wrapped my wound in gauze. Still applying extreme pressure I poured fresh clean water over the gauze on the wound. Once I knew it was clean, I put Super PAV “The Miracle Salve” directly on my wound. I then put a fresh gauze wrap tightly on my finger to protect it and help control the bleeding.

I always have Super PAV “The Miracle Salve”, Pav, and Super Coco-Resin essential oil in my emergency bag just in case something happens.

Throughout the time of my finger healing I continued to use the Super PAV “The Miracle Salve” three times a day. Once my finger’s scab and new skin began to grow I switched to using the Super Coco Resin essential oil also three times a day.

It took a total of twenty-nine days for my finger’s injury to be healed. Only by the power of Jesus Christ and these amazing products could new skin actually grow where there was nothing.

As of today you would never know by looking at my finger that I was ever injured. Another plus to these natural products are they helped to numb the pain. Thank God above.

Thank you to Pruitt’s Tree Resin for creating a product that is so amazing, only God could have had his hand in the creation of these products. I will always remain a faithful lifetime customer, and recommend your products to everyone.

Semper Fidelis,

Lorri Anderson

Independent Investigative Journalist/Radio Show Host

of RTR Truth Media Group, Freedomoutpost.com, Republic Broadcasting Network

The photo’s bellow are from Lorri on the 17th of november 2019.


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