Super Cayenne Tincture


** Very Popular Pruitt’s Tree Resin Formula **

Super Cayenne:

Natural Raw Cayenne Pepper, Alcohol.
1fl oz

Our Super Cayenne Tincture uses the hottest cayenne peppers we can acquire that are naturally grown, registering  90,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Extracted with 40% alcohol for sublingual or oral use.



used as a natural alternative for benefit to the Circulation systems, blood pressure and heart ailments relief, immune response, allergen aid.

Favored by the Amish amongst others for heart health and general wellness.

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We have worked hard to bring you these ultra-high quality tinctures.

All Natural. Slow Extracted 40% Alc. oral tincture.

Highest Available Concentration of Cayenne Extracted:: 90,000 Scoville Units


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