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We are very happy to provide this huge kit that contains many herbal remedies and such that we feel everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.


This is everything included, but due to these uncertain times, there may be substitutions of equal or greater value. some of the products that are included are not pictured below.

-2oz  Super PAV Salve  $60

-6 pet salves $40

-2 4oz Super PAV Salve  $188

-1 1oz Super Coco-resin Essential oil $50

-1 1 oz Pure Gold Resin $50

-1 4oz Pure Gold tree Resin $140

-1 1oz Kare Plus $40

-1 8oz Pure Gold Resin $240

-1 2oz Super O’Healeve oil $48

-1 2oz Super PAV oil  $56

-7 mountain main leather care 5$ each

-7 Horse hoof/ fire starters $20 per 6 pack

-1-gallon bag of activated charcoal  $140

– 150 count Activated Charcoal $25

-1 1oz bottle of Super Black Walnut and Worm Wood $20

-1 1oz bottle of Super Cayenne Tincture  $20

-1 1oz bottle of Super Golden Seal Echinacea Tincture $25


All with a value of over $1,147!!  very limited supplies Get it while you can!



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