100 Wild Crafted Plants Fermented Soap


100 Wild Crafted Plants Fermented Soap

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Some soaps just clean, and some soaps moisturize. This soap literally pulls toxins from your skin and fights aging by fighting free radicals with antioxidants! That’s a lot of work for one bar of soap…but the results are in: it works!

What are the amazing ingredients in this soap? 100 wild, mountain plants are hand-picked and then fermented. The resulting enzyme is added to a pine oil base with olive oil, camellia, palm oil and betaine to produce a skin rejuvenating soap that smoothes and soothes porblematic or dry skin.

There are no surfactants added to this soap. The bubble and foam formation of the pine needle soap is incredible as it easily removes dirt and toxins that can easily stress the skin. There are no need for chemical hardeners in this soap that can irritate sensitive skin as it already contains natural plant-derived moisturizers and enzymes.

No chemical hardeners, no surfactants, and a natural moisturizer that soothes sensitive skin. This is a gentle, pure and natural soap! Add in the pine and the enzymes and you have a soap that sucks up toxins and fights aging with antioxidants. Wow! This results in small breakouts initially if your skin is overly toxic, but ends up by giving you smooth, soothed and satiny skin once the toxins are gone. Besides being antioxidants the ingredients also are antibacterial, so that your skin is constantly in a clean, healthy state.

As there are no chemical hardeners, be sure and put a thin sponge below this soap. This will wick the moisture off this soap and keep it from getting soft. Use this for your face, or for your entire body and works great for dry skin, problematic skin, or irritated skin. Most of our customers have seen improvements within weeks of trying our wild plant and pine needle soap.

Our Pine Needle Soap is known to aid in acne and other skin problems such as Eczema, and Psoriasis. We were amazed at the hundreds of uses of this ingredient rich soap. Considering the proven benefits of the Red Pine Needle, you might seriously consider using this on your largest organ: your skin. We find that this soap has also been highly beneficial during the cold months when skin gets easily dry, and germs seem to be everywhere. Summer or winter, if you want a gentle soap that really, really improves your complexion and skin moisture level, give this soap a try. Third veiw reveiw thought this was a purley amazing soap in the current market.

More Information on ingredients and source of soap:

Pruitt’s Tree Resin is proud to be using wild grown plants with fermented enzymes to give an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant quality known for assisting in natrual face and body skin care. Our Pine needle oil soap with one hundred wild plants (Fermented) is only found and hand picked from wild crafter plant parts, high in the Asian mountains. These wild plants are hand picked, formulated and then fermented to take the place of Nano Silver, which is usually added in other high end soaps for anti-bacterial purposes.

Our Pine Needle Soap helps to heal, clean, and cleanse like no other regular bar soap! It contains Pine Needle oil which is a proven antibacterial agent working to sterilize the skin. Combined with our Wild Plant Enzyme (Fermented), formula to add and preserve nutrients, this soap will keep your skin looking healthy and happy for years to come. A luxurious and medicinal soap all in one.

And remember at Pruitt’s Tree Resin; No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Animal Parts, No Chemicals, No Hardeners.

Excellent high quality care for the face ,body and soul.

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