mending the Hen’s frostbite with SUPER Pav.

The winter storm was unexpected this year… for one of our Hens it was a colder situation than normal!
Late February, Mona got a bit too much exposure, and has suffered frostbite on her right foot, completely blackening out all 4 of the toes on her right claw.

At the time, we didn’t think the foot would make it.

Regardless, Mathew diligently applied Tree Resin Oil and topical Pav directly on and around the frost-bit area. (by diligent, we mean Mathew chased Mona all around the farm, it was mission critical to not extenuate further injuries)

Now, Mona seems to be doing a lot better. With salutations to the Flamingos, she is walking on her right foot again. Color and circulation has been restored to 3 of her 4 toes.

Mona is liking the PAV, in fact she hops right up in Mathew’s lap now,
the derby racing shall be left for another time…

We are not sure if her pinky will make it, we are interested to see how her body alleviates the situation. SUPER Pav , (now animal friendly) has been our go-to topical to treat Mona.

You can check out Super Pav here.

Mona seems to fancy her spa dates with Mathew; you can see the confidence in her eyes as she is held by him.

Bingo! Back in Action. We are happy Mona is enjoying her foot more, we are thankful for the opportunity to help restore her foot with the help and grace from Mother Nature.

Mona’s recovery from frostbite is a triumphal story we were not expecting to be able to share with you. Natural healing and restoration through natural medicine is a miracle that enchants the farm with cheer. A stronger bond has been made between a man and his animal counterpart.

We allow for nature to do the work.
God’s creation allows for the bodies of animals and mankind alike, given the resources He has left for us; with good prudence we have the ability to heal and return to original, natural function.

Here at Pruitt’s Tree Resin, we strive to collect and make available for you the highest quality, natural remedies.

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