About Us

Grandpa “Forest Smith”


Hello my name is Mathew J. Pruitt.  I am the sole owner and manufacturer of Pruitt’s Tree Resin.  This is the story of how Tree Resin, PAV and the Forrest D. Smith Legacy came to exist. My Grandfather Forrest started researching, experimenting and development in the 1960’s and 70’s. Forrest eventually started his business Native American Tree Resin or N.A.T.R. Inc.; where I worked for and with him gathering tree resins and manufacturing.  In 2005 my Grandma, Maxine P. Smith, passed away.

My Grandfather Forest Smith, Grandpa, or as he liked to be called “Chopper” had various family members run his business.  On February 28, 2011, Grandpa convinced me to take over operations and become Vice President and Manager.  On April 4, 2011, Grandpa and his second wife Carmen, who I consider Grandma, signed all rights and ownership of N.A.T.R. Inc., his inventions and products, including PAV, Super PAV, O’Healive Oil, Super O’Healive Oil, PAV Oil, Super PAV Oil, Ultimate Hand Cream, Happy Colon, Go-Way, Responda and more to myself.

For the next year or so I did my best to fix the damage done to N.A.T.R Inc. and I finally had to accept the fact that the company could not be turned around. With the blessings of Grandpa and Grandma I started Pruitt’s Tree Resin on August 8, 2012, to be able to continue the good health and healing naturally for our customers.  Sadly my Grandfather, Forrest D. Smith, with his wife Carmen and myself, by his side passed away at his home in Eureka, California.  Shortly after his death his wife Carmen moved to Mississippi to be closer to her family and remove herself from all Grandfather’s family’s greed.

Through the years I have had multiple people help us with my business.  It didn’t always turn out well due to the fact that they all wanted to take over, or purchase my business.  Some are still trying to sell our products and claim them as their own, even using my late Grandfather’s name to get our business.  They have even copied our labels.  I assure you that I am the sole legal owner and manufacturer of my Grandfather’s Legacy. Last year my family and I decided to move somewhere  that the Lord would lead us to.  After much prayer we moved to Eminence Missouri.  We now live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  The Lord is so good to us!  You just have to listen and he will put you exactly where you need to be.  We are happily building our new life and continuing to make Grandpa’s legacy known all over the world, thanks to you are valued customers.  It was Grandpa’s life goal to help people with providing the best tree resin and other natural healthy alternatives and to teach the world God’s amazing love with his writings. We process the resin in the same state and form as it was in the ancient pockets in some of the oldest trees.  We don’t artificially heat it, expose it to excess light or air, and never use paper filters due to formaldehyde, bleach, dyes and other chemicals that will leach out into the resins.  We here at Pruitt’s Tree Resin are committed to keeping Forrest D. Smith’s, and now my own legacy, alive and continue to produce the very best health products on the market.  We hope and pray that you don’t come in contact with those who are copying our products and don’t get fooled into trusting that their products are ours.

If you have any questions about our past and future or about our products please give a call at (573) 226-3039, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Thank You and May You Have a Blessed Day… The Pruitt Family “Where Good Health and Healing Comes Naturally”