Pruitt’s Tree Resins are used for many skin and healing conditions.  Our Original PAV was Created by Forest Smith all those years ago as a healing salve.  From there he used the the healing power of tree resins to make many salves, oils and products.  In 2011 Mathew Pruitt, Forest Smith’s Grandson, continued the family legacy.

Tree resins are one of the oldest know medicines used for millennia by Native Americans.  Used in traditional medicine all over the globe.  The fact remains that tree resins are one of the most underappreciated traditional medicines around with a track record.  Even Lewis and Clark used tree resins.

What Oil Should i Start With?

Our Purest Oil is our 100% Pure Natural Gold Tree Resin, it is RAW Tree Resin in its purest, unadultered state.

Very Sticky, Flammable, Highly Viscous; Combine with a Carrier Oil, or Super Pav for gentle and diffused absorption.

Tree Resins are Naturally Antioxidative, Antiviral, and antifungal.

These resins serve as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotic creams and topicals.

“use it on pretty much everything”



For generations, we have been thriving based on personal recommendations and word of mouth. Our products continue to restock in every first aid kit and medicine cabinet because our formulas yield results.

The Pruitt Family is a legacy of master outdoorsmen and herbal medicine pioneers. 

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