The winter storm was unexpected this year… for one of our Hens it was a colder situation than normal!Late February, Mona got a bit too much exposure, and has suffered frostbite on her right foot, completely blackening out all 4 of the toes on her right claw.At the time, we didn’t think the foot would make it. Regardless, Mathew diligently applied Tree Resin Oil and topical Pav directly on and around the frost-bit area. (by

Finger Healed after Table saw accident

Posted on November 13, 2019
Category: Amazing Stories
This is why we do what we do here at Pruitt’s Tree Resin, Helping people.  This is the testimonial we were sent along with the photos below shows a finger healed after a table saw accident.  Super PAV salve has helped many people during our multi-generational mission to bring the highest quality Tree Resins to the world.   This is why so many people keep Super PAV “The Miracle Salve” in the medicine cabinet. Feel free

Supplements and their Dirty little secret…

Posted on October 11, 2019
Category: Health Tips
When most people think of supplements they think of some these supplements fix all to all of the problems they face.  While supplements have a place in almost everyone’s diet, the sad truth remains, supplements are by their very name just Supplementation for things lacking in our diet.  Whether it be a lack of iron, or magnesium or a lack of calcium all of these things have to be available in the soil for plants
Is Pau D’Arco a healthy tonic or snake oil? Pau D’Arco is all too often misunderstood and in the same breath not understood at all by most health-conscious men and women in this day and age. Let us discuss what Pau D’Arco is and is not right off the bat. Pau D’Arco is NOT a cure-all, as deficiencies in certain minerals and nutrients can result in several health problems for many people. However, many people

5 generations

Posted on June 28, 2019
Category: Herbal Remidies
We are now 5 generations into bringing the world the highest quality tree resins available.  By the highest quality I do not mean some cheap resins scraped off a tree or some resins that have pieces of dirt bark, or other contaminants in them.  when we say Pure we mean these are as pure as we can possibly bring them to you in the Best most unadulterated fashion.   Our tree resins have proven them selves

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