Pau D’Arco is all too often misunderstood and in the same breath not understood at all by most health-conscious men and women in this day and age. Let us discuss what Pau D’Arco is and is not right off the bat. Pau D’Arco is NOT a cure-all, as deficiencies in certain minerals and nutrients can result in several health problems for many people. However, many people receive promising results from using Pau D’Arco because several

5 generations

Posted on June 28, 2019

Category: Herbal Remidies
We are now 5 generations into bringing the world the highest quality tree resins available.  By the highest quality I do not mean some cheap resins scraped off a tree or some resins that have pieces of dirt bark, or other contaminants in them.  when we say Pure we mean these are as pure as we can possibly bring them to you in the Best most unadulterated fashion.   Our tree resins have proven them selves