5 generations

We are now 5 generations into bringing the world the highest quality tree resins available.  By the highest quality I do not mean some cheap resins scraped off a tree or some resins that have pieces of dirt bark, or other contaminants in them.  when we say Pure we mean these are as pure as we can possibly bring them to you in the Best most unadulterated fashion.   Our tree resins have proven them selves we are still here searching and experimenting and testing to bring you the most powerful natural products avalible.   Help us come up with many new and interesting topics for this Blog by using the Contact us section of this website.



One thought on “5 generations

  1. Jack Washburn says:

    I found out about this before Forest went on ahead of us. I used it to clear up a skin fungus called Tinea Versicolor which is common. Mine was resilient to conventional treatment. I had first been diagnosed and treated for it while in the Navy in the early seventies. I suspect that I got it while canoeing in the swamps of Georgia near the air station which I was stationed at.

    A prescription strength of Selenium Sulfide, a powerful poison of which there is no antidote for, was the treatment. After that failed repeatedly, they tried an oily substance which I don’t recall the name of. That too failed. But, after one application of the PAV ointment, it was totally eradicated!

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