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Can be used for the most stubborn skin conditions, wounds and infections. Tree Resins have been utilized for thousands of years by Native Americans, pioneers, explorers and the most skilled mountain men.
Our Tree Resins naturally are Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, and Anti-viral.

Lewis and Clark used tree resins in their westward expedition, the value of it can be easily seen from the below quote.

“We had several applications to assist their sick, witch we refused unless they gave us some dogs or horses to eat. A chief who’s wife had a abscess formed on the small of her back, promised a horse in the morning, provided we would administer to her. Accordingly, captain Clark opened the abscess , introduced a tent [a roll of lint], and dressed it with basilicon [an ointment of wax, pitch resin and olive oil] . Captain Clark soon had more than fifty applications.”

~Captain Meriwether Lewis, May 6 1806

Pruitt’s Tree Resin Ministries utilizes a Proprietary 5th Generation Chemical-Free Tree Resin Accumulation Process.
Our 5th generation Tree Resin gathering/ grading and artisan processes produce the most high quality Tree Resins that we then use in our all Natural Salves and Oils and Ointments
. Did you know 2 of the three gifts brought to Jesus ( Yahshua ) by the wise men?

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