Supplements and their Dirty little secret…

When most people think of supplements they think of some these supplements fix all to all of the problems they face.  While supplements have a place in almost everyone’s diet, the sad truth remains, supplements are by their very name just Supplementation for things lacking in our diet.  Whether it be a lack of iron, or magnesium or a lack of calcium all of these things have to be available in the soil for plants to absorb them, these nutrients and many other micro and macro nutrients are deficient in much of our industrial production because only Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus are regularly added to the soil.  While chemical fertilizers  are relatively cheap,  they kill much of the beneficial soil microbes and do not provide a environment with constant nutrients,  While cemical fertilizers  do not provide the nutrients for optimum plant health, this problem is being relized by many health conscious individuals.

The solution to our foods lacking the nutrition we need is supplementing the soil with the natural sources of nutrients and creating a thriving environment for soil health. Many are starting to grow plants in their front yards, back yards and planters under windows and even indoors, because, Where soil is healthy plants thrive, where plants thrive nutrients are dense.  So why go into all this info about supplementation on soil?  Well, your body is just like the soil in the sense that we need both macro and micronutrients to live long healthy lives,  supplementation makes up for some of those nutrients we don’t get each and every day.  Supplementations dirty little secret is, that while supplements are nice you can work your way to growing food that is so nutrient-dense that you no longer need supplements.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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