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Home of the original world famous PAV salve, originally designed by Forest Smith all those years ago.  Known for its ability to heal a wide variety of skin conditions.  It works on burns, acne, warts, skin tags, infections, athletes foot, nail fungus, insect bites, stings, cuts and rashes….  The uses are almost limitless as any one who has used it can tell you.  If you need something stronger look at our Super PAV “The Miracle Salve” link is Here .

  • contains Pure 100% Tree Resins, olive oil & petrolatum
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  1. Lib_shir_4rp

    Several years ago I had removed a 12 inch skillet from a hot oven. I forgot it was hot and picked it up with my bare hand. I did not drop it but set it down while burning my hand severely. I used ice water, oil, homeopathy, I used essential oil. I used everything I could think of and it still hurt like crazy and rising in a huge hand wide blister.
    My father brought his little jar of PAV. to me. I covered the burn with the ointment which relieved the throbbing and pain, I cupped my hand and wrapped it to stabilize it for the night. The next morning the pain was greatly reduced. We reapplied the PAV and I had no loss of skin, the blisters dried and healed. I still have my dads PAV but it is packed in by Bug-out bag, lest I find myself without it. I am reordering.

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